About us

It was in a bar in Lugano, Switzerland during a conversation over lunch that we realized we could solve one of the biggest problems in the world of professional coaching. You see, questions, challenges and confidence issues don’t arise during business hours alone. So, why should coaching be restricted to these times? And, why should people wait for days or even weeks to discuss and work through them with an expert? The current approach and offer limits not only the growth and development of individuals but also their companies.

Our mission at The A-Coach

is to make professional coaching more accessible and agile.

Today, our online platform is a gateway to faster, on-demand coaching support from credited professionals around the world. All with just one-hours’ notice.

The A-coach co-founders

Shari Keller
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Nathalie Luisoni
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I was faced with a very important work-related decision. It took my coach three sessions to get to the bottom of my situation, guide me through it, challenge me along the way (also emotionally) and help me make my decision by merely asking the right set of questions. It’s not the quantity of sessions or the length but the quality and compassion of the coach that matters. The A-Coach provides both. A wonderful and inspiring experience.
— N.N, user (Computer Software Industry)
I tried The A-Coach once for a very acute question/issue I was facing on the job with one of my sales leads. I did not think that 30minutes with Michael would suffice to get a meaningful insight out of it - but he helped me understand the essence of the problem right away, and helped me also reflect on possible solution spaces. In only 30minutes, did we establish a good connection - and he got a good read of me as a person and as a manager, and guided me smartly on how to proceed. The A-Coach is truly worth it and I will also use them again!
— N.S, CEO Startup (Internet industry)
THE A-COACH is a beneficial service that allows employees and managers to customise their professional development according to specific needs and to continue to invest in their growth in a society where time is scarce and attention to cost savings increases. We are a company convinced that human capital makes the difference, thanks to the flexibility and scalability of THE A-COACH, we have found a way to extend the added value of coaching, once granted only to a select pool, to a wider population of employees and managers without sacrificing the quality.
— P.F, Head of Learning and Development (Banking industry)
It’s a privilege to be able to work under the A-Coach banner. And the experience so far has been nothing but amazing. It removed any perceived limitation about coaching virtually on my side. By focusing solely on someone’s voice you can go further and deeper, getting rid of any visual distractions. I believe the testimonials of our clients speak for themselves.
— Michael Gambs, A-Coach